A radiant bride and groom, salty sea and wet kisses on board a white archipelago boat – that’s how weddings are celebrated in Bohuslän.

Skärgårdsbåtarna in Uddevalla has taken newlyweds around the fjords in Bohuslän since 1898.

Regardless of whether it’s a summer wedding with sun-kissed cheeks or an autumn and winter wedding where the autumn glow in the trees or the ice crystals on the sea can form the backdrop.

The environment invites you to a memorable experience and provides space for imagination on your special day. Skärgårdsbåtarna has its home port in Uddevalla, and with its geographical location in the heart of Bohuslän, there are endless possibilities. With the entire Bohuslän coast outside, the three boats sound their horns for wedding couples all year round.

With space for up to 150 guests, the possibilities are great – compose your own wedding dream or choose one of the shipping company’s prepared wedding packages.

Mingle cruise with sparkling wine, wedding party on board with both food and drink and maybe exchange rings at sea? Everything is possible and the whole of Bohuslän is at your disposal – Gustafsberg, Lyckorna, Bokenäs, Lysekil, Fiskebäckskil, Orust, Smögen, Gullholmen or Käringön are just a few beautiful places that the “Skärgårdsbåtarna” often pick up happily radiant newlyweds for wet kisses on board.

What do you say? We say YES!

Wedding in the archipelago

A trip on board on our boats is an experience in itself, then add our beautiful archipelago environment and your wedding and the day will be unforgettable!

Do you wish to get married at sea, go ashore at a beautiful island or perhaps at a nice & for you a meaningful jetty? Do you dream about a small wedding in the noon or a big wedding? we’d love to help no matter what your dreams are! The wedding couple arranges the officiant themselves.

  • M/S Byfjorden welcomes 60 guests on the sun deck and 80 guests in the lounge area
  • M/S Sunningen welcomes 60 guests
  • M/S Gustafsberg II welcomes 40 guests
  • M/S Gustafsberg II 5 500 SEK/hour
  • M/S Sunningen 5 500 SEK/hour
  • M/S Byfjorden 6 500 SEK/hour

Minimum rental time is one and a half hours. Our home port is Uddevalla, but we are happy to pick you up or drop you off at other piers. A pick up fee will be added

    Our home port is Uddevalla, but we are happy to pick you up or drop you off at other piers. A pick up fee will be added

    Pick up fee´s M/S Byfjorden

    • Bokenäset 14 805 SEK
    • Lyckorna 12 690 SEK
    • Lysekil/Fiskebäckskil 21 150 SEK
    • Smögen 29 610 SEK
    • Gothenburg 52 875 SEK

    Pick up fee´s M/S Sunningen och Gustafsberg II

    • Bokenäset 13 315 SEK
    • Lyckorna 11 415 SEK
    • Lysekil/Fiskebäckskil 19 020 SEK
    • Smögen 26 630 SEK
    • Gothenburg 47 550 SEK

    Wedding transport

    Take one of our Skärgårdbåtar from the ceremony location to the wedding party.

    With the flag raised, you and your guests are treated to an unforgettable boat trip. Choose just transportation or combine with bridal toast and canapés during the trip. With toasting guests and kisses on board, beautiful memories and pictures will be created. We look forward to be a part of your wedding memory!

    • M/S Byfjorden welcomes 150 guests
    • M/S Sunningen welcomes 95 guests
    • M/S Gustafsberg II welcomes 65 guests

    The number of guests refers to transport for a maximum of one and a half hours. For longer transport distances, a lower number of guests is recommended for greater comfort.

    • One glas of sparkling wine 105 SEK/person
    • Canapés, 3 pieces 225 SEK/person
    Popular transport routes – M/S Byfjorden
    • Uddevalla to Gustafsberg 9 750 SEK
    • Lyckorna to Gustafsberg 16 095 SEK
    • Lysekil to Fiskebäckskil 24 400 SEK
    Popular transport routes – M/S Sunningen och M/S Gustafsberg
    • Uddevalla to Gustafsberg 8 250 SEK
    • Lyckorna to Gustafsberg 13 955 SEK
    • Lysekil to Fiskebäckskil 21 770 SEK

    Wedding party

    Being invited to a party is always fun, but being invited to a wedding party on board our ship m/s Byfjorden is something very special!

    Get on board and start your celebration with a bridal toast, mingle with sparkling wine in the glass and good canapés. Enjoy the salt-sprayed Bohuslän archipelago before you are invited to the table in the salon, which has room for 85 guests. Choose between being served a three-course wedding dinner, a seafood feast or a boat buffet à la Byfjorden. Well-chosen drinks are served with the food. we can arrange drink package or drink tickets if desired. We look forward to taking care of you and making the day unforgettable!

    • Canapé three pieces 225 SEK/person
    • Fruit skewer, två pieces 150SEK/person
    • Two course dinner 500 SEK/person
    • Three course dinner 625 SEK/person
    • Boat buffet 550 SEK/person

    Drink package

    • 1 glas of sparkling wine, 2 glasses of wine or 2 33cl beer 335 SEK/person
    • M/S Gustafsberg II 5 500 SEK/hour
    • M/S Sunningen 5 500 SEK/hour
    • M/S Byfjorden 6 500 SEK/hour
    Do you wish other foods and drinks than in the price example?