Våra båtar

Gustafsberg II

We usually call this boat the pearl of the shipping company. She has transported royalty and celebrities at weddings and parties, she is a faithful servant who carries the flag with pride. Gustafsberg II was built at Göteborgs Mekaniska Werkstad during the union period, in 1898, and is therefore allowed to fly the union flag at the stern.

100 years later she was renovated and rebuilt. Original plates remain in the hull, as does the ship’s bell, which the captain proudly rings at departure. he is the pride of the fleet and, with her appealing interior in shiny mahogany-like wood and spacious aft deck, is ideally used for weddings and smaller events.

Additional information
  • Built: 1898 at Göteborgs Mekaniska Werkstad
  • Length: 20.5 meters
  • Width: 5.2 meters
  • Depth: 1.8 meters
  • Speed: 10 knots.
  • Passenger count: 65 passengers.
  • Aft deck with chapel roof: 35 seated guests.
Good to know
  • Not accessibility adapted.
  • Ice cream can be bought on board
  • Dogs are allowed on board


Sunningen is the way to go if you want to find the perfect beach for you and your company! She is our second oldest ship and she wears her age with all the dignity you would expect from a centenarian lady. The ship was built in 1911 at Motala Varv and underwent a significant renovation of the pilothouse, bow, and hull for its 100th anniversary in 2011. During the summer, the boat is used for line traffic in the inner parts of Byfjorden, thus connecting Uddevalla with the smaller seaside resorts for many years.

M/S Sunningen offers a shorter excursion with a beautiful view of the Uddevalla Bridge. From June to August, she makes about 6,000 stops. The ship is equipped with a guide system. The boat is open for charter from April to October, except during June-August when she serves 6 piers with great opportunities for swimming and crab fishing. Departure takes place from Södra hamnen Uddevalla, opposite Bohuslän’s museum.

Additional information
  • Built: 1911 Motala Varv
  • Length: 24,4 meters
  • Witdh: 5,2 meters Depth: 1,8 meters
  • Speed: 10 knots.
  • Passenger count: 97 passangers
  • Sundeck: 38 passengers
Good to know
  • Bicycles and dogs are allowed on board.
  • Partially accessibility adapted, there is a wheelchair lift, but it must be booked the day before at 0522-698484. Boarding and disembarking for wheelchair users only in Uddevalla.


if your looking for a overall experience then the m/s Byfjorden is for you. She takes you between archipelago islets the while you enjoy a bite of food and a glass of wine. All senses satisfied – it doesn’t get better than this! Day cruises M/S Byfjorden departs several times a week, from May to September. With its home port in Uddevalla, it heads out via Henån and Bokenäs and travels through the beautiful archipelago to destinations like Bassholmen, Lysekil, Käringön, and Smögen. Evening cruises: Experiencing the Bohuslän archipelago in the afternoon sun is something special. M/S Byfjorden takes you out on seafood cruises, music, and barbecue evenings.

Additional information
  • Built: 1968 Skaalurens Skibsbyggeri
  • Length: 30.5 meters
  • Witdh: 5.7 meters
  • Depth: 2,7 meters
  • Speed: 11 knots
  • Passenger count: 150 passengers
  • Dining room: 80 seated guests.
  • Sun deck (chapel roof): 60 seated guests
Good to know
  • Accessibility adapted on board
  • All tours require pre-booking.
  • Dogs and bicycles are allowed on board
  • The boat is fully licensed and are permitted to provide alcohol.