Burial at sea or a beautiful memorial.

Going for a funeral or a memorial at sea is becoming more and more common, and with our long experience of submersion at sea, we can assure you that it is a beautiful and emotional way to say a final farewell.


When you choose to hold your ceremony at sea, you can trust that our knowledgeable and empathetic staff will guide you through every step of your final farewell. We recommend that you choose a piece of music that plays in the speakers on board when the urn is lowered into the deep blue. This gives a calming and dignified atmosphere to the ceremony. After the lowering, a wreath can be launched as a symbolic gesture, followed by guests being given the opportunity to throw flowers from the deck into the water. These flowers will float beautifully on the surface of the sea and symbolize the eternal memory of the one who has passed away.


After the ceremony, the boat ride ends with a moment of fellowship on board, where you can gather to share memories and support each other. We offer smorgas cake and coffee to create a moment of comfort and fellowship.


Contact us to arrange your funeral or memorial at sea and let us help you create a ceremony that honors and pays tribute to the departed in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful.


Regulations for burial at sea

Permission from the county board for burial at sea is required, apply for yourself or via a funeral home.

Price proposal

260SEK per person
The price is based on 50 guests and a two-hour trip with m/s Byfjorden, departing from the home port of Uddevalla.

We are happy to pick up at other piers in Bohuslän, and then a pick up fee will be added.

Pick up fee´s M/S Byfjorden

  • Bokenäset 14 805 SEK
  • Lyckorna 12 690 SEK
  • Lysekil/Fiskebäckskil 21 150 SEK
  • Smögen 29 610 SEK
  • Gothenburg 52 875 SEK

Pick up fee´s M/S Sunningen och Gustafsberg II

  • Bokenäset 13 315 SEK
  • Lyckorna 11 415 SEK
  • Lysekil/Fiskebäckskil 19 020 SEK
  • Smögen 26 630 SEK
  • Gothenburg 47 550 SEK
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