Seal Safari


1 hour & 30 minutes

Monday to Friday

June 24th – June 28th
Departure:12 PM

July 1st – August 9th
Departure: 12 PM, 2 PM

August 12th – August 13th
Departure: 2 PM

August 14th – August 16th
Departure: 12 PM

Seal safari – Good times for both kids and adults

Adventure awaits and we set course for Gullmarn in the Lysekil archipelago in search of swimming, sunbathing seal families.

Come join us on a guided boat tour, that is well appreciated by both young and old. From the quay outside Havets Hus, you board our boat, ready to explore the archipelago. Our guides share their knowledge of the harbor seals and tell stories about Gullmarn, Sweden’s only threshold fjord, and the vibrant marine life that thrives here.

Going on a seal safari is not just a fun boat ride – it’s also an exciting adventure where you get the chance to see seals in their natural environment and learn more about these fascinating creatures. In Lysekil’s beautiful outer archipelago where the seal, Bohuslän’s landscape animal, lives and thrives, you can view several seal colonies sunbathing on the rugged rocks and enjoy a lovely boat trip, as you should on a summer day in Bohuslän.

On board the boat, there are plenty of treats to choose from, from refreshing ice cream to lighter foods and a bar with chilled drinks.

Feel free to combine your seal safari with a visit to Havets Hus, a unique saltwater aquarium here on the west coast. Here you can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the sea and gain even more knowledge about marine life. If you want, you can even pet some of the sea’s inhabitants.

Give yourself and your loved ones a day to remember.

Good to know.

  • Seals cannot be guaranteed, but it is rare that we do not see them.
  • The boat runs as close as it can without scaring them.
  • Bring your own binoculars if you have one, as they are the same color as the mountains they bask on.
  • Online booking up to 15 minutes before departure.
  • Tickets can also be bought on board, if space is available.
  • Accessibility adapted on board
  • On board we have a bar with full serving rights



M/S Byfjorden

Seal safari only
Adult from 18 years 325 SEK
Senior 305 SEK
Children 5-17 years 195 SEK
Children under 5 years 0 SEK

Combined ticket Havets Hus + seal safari
Adult from 18 years 450 SEK
Senior 425 SEK
Children 5-17 years 255 SEK
Children under 5 years 0 SEK

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Maxi package

Spend a full day with sea activities.

  • Seal Safari
  • Entrance to HAVETS HUS
  • Mini golf on the course by the aquarium, of course with a sea theme

Adult from 18 years 500 SEK
Senior 475 SEK
Children 5-17 years 300 SEK
Children under 5 years 0 SEK