Boat trip to Bassholmen.


4 hours & 30 minutes

Adult 300SEK
Senior citizen 250SEK
Children 100SEK

July 20th,27th & Aug 3

A unique island in the middle of the Nordströmmar with a rich history.

The island of Bassholmen is nestled in the beautiful, salty Nordströmmar with Bokenäs, Uddevalla, Flatön, Orust, Skaftölandet, and Lysekil surrounding it.

In the 18th century, a herring saltery was started on the island, and in the mid-19th century, the operations expanded with a shipyard. The barque ‘Andriette’ at 308 net tons was the largest vessel built here It’s astounding to think that they sailed out through these narrow water passages.

When the herring ran out, the herring factory on the island was shut down. In the factory building, the Bassholmen Mechanical Workshop was opened and operated until the mid-1950s. Today, the Association of Allmogebåtar houses its utility boats in the old factory building. It’s exciting to go exploring among old herring tanks, boat hulls, ropes, hawsers, blocks, pulleys, fishing nets, engines, and storm-beaten sails—a journey through time well worth a visit.

For those more entertained by nature, Bassholmen offers a rich flora and fauna. There are large areas of wooded pasture, including oak groves with many thick, wide-crowned oaks, and along the edges, a large stand of thick, old, deadwood-rich, formerly pollarded willows.

In the center of the island, the large willows are a prominent feature. Otherwise, birch, oak, rowan, and aspen are common. In an inventory from 2016 by the county administrative board, 37 trees on the island are designated as particularly worthy of protection, most of which are oak and willow.

the seabird life is also rich on Bassholmen. Some of the seabirds that rest in the shallow waters during the winter, such as swans and geese, also utilize the open pastures on land. Even in the summer, it is primarily the geese that characterize the bird life. Barnacle geese are almost constantly present on the salty coastal meadows during the summer. The now red-listed Eurasian oystercatcher, which is the provincial bird of Bohuslän, can also be seen here.

On the island, there is also an old manor house with beautiful carpentry that reminds us of someone’s historical prosperity.” Nowadays, the house can be rented by the day for groups, and this also includes a sauna by the pier down by the sea. But time for a sauna bath, that will have to be on another trip.

Good to know.

  • Accessibility on board, however, limited accessibility on the island
  • Book your ticket in advance (at least 72 hours before departure).
  • Fish soup is available for purchase on board
  • Bar with full serving rights
  • There is an ice cream kiosk on the island
  • Digital hiking in Swedish is available in the app “Upplev Uddevalla”
  • Some parts of the harbor are currently cordoned off due to findings of lead and arsenic in the ground.
    Land remediation is under investigation.


M/S Byfjorden

Depature from

  • Basteviksholmarna
  • Lysekil, Havets Hus
  • Fiskebäckskil, Gullmarsstrand

Special tour July 13th

Day of Bassholmen

With Allmogebåtar on Bassholmen.

On the island, activities take place from 12 PM to 4 PM.
Lotteries, guided tours, sales.
The museum displays about thirty boats in full size and as models. In addition to the boats, tools and equipment used for maritime work in the past are shown. Allmogebåtar (traditional boats) are rigged and sailed.

The boat to the event departs from Lysekil via Fiskebäckskil.

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Avgång hemresa




Lysekil (Havets Hus)