A taste of Lyckorna tour


5 hours & 30 minutes

Adult 355 SEK
Children 175 SEK

Wednesday & Thursday
July 10th – Aug 8th

A journey with a cultural treasure

Step aboard M/S Gustafsberg II, the shipping company’s oldest vessel, carrying this archipelago boat on a rich heritage and an atmosphere of nostalgia that immediately captures your heart.

From Södra Hamnen in Uddevalla, we take you on a journey through calm waters, where time seems to slow down and every ripple of water is a reminder of the tranquility that once prevailed here. Our journey takes us to Lyckorna in Ljungskile, a place with a spa history whose turn-of-the-century villas gently reflect in the sparkling water.

During the journey, you pass through Uddevalla’s safe, calm inner archipelago with small lush islands, picking up travelers at Slussen on Orust.

Once you arrive, you have the opportunity to choose your own activity Explore the charming surroundings of Lyckorna with a walk up Flaggberget, take a stroll into Ljungskile center for shopping or book a table at the popular Musselbaren or one of the area’s other restaurants and literally taste Lyckorna.

No matter which path you choose, you will be surrounded by beauty and history at every step.


we’ll make a stop at


There’s a camping with a beach, mini-golf, and a playground for the little ones.


The boat docks at this small cozy community on Orust for a swim or a walk, a coffee at the small harbor café Café Tillsammans, or an overnight stay at the unique music venue Slussens Pensionat, with a return by boat the next day.


Here you can enjoy a moment among pines and beech trees on a slope towards the sea and the Bohuslän inner archipelago. Rent a kayak, paddle board, or spend an hour in the sea sauna, and then enjoy some nice fika in the cozy restaurant at Anfasteröd Gårdsvik.


For swimming or a restaurant visit Here, there are excellent dining options, something out of the ordinary, Musselbaren, which serves the sea’s blue gold with heavenly flavors.

If you are already in Ljungskile and wish to take a short sea tour, you can do so from Lyckorna.

If you want to learn more about the place and the sea, there is digital guidance available in the Upplev Uddevalla app.


In the small and charming center, there are a variety of unique shops and cozy cafés.
In the center is the Ljungskile Knitwear Factory, with a history dating back to 1935
They focus on sustainability, and perhaps that’s why there are several second-hand stores to visit in the village.
Such as Lilla Fröt and Ljungskiles Garderob. Here they also have a lush citypark, called Badhusparken,
with a popular playground for the children


M/S Gustafsberg II

Depature from

  • Uddevalla
  • Unda
  • Slussen on Orust

Season pass

Buy a season pass and ride as much boat as you want! Season pass is valid for the Uddevalla tour and ” smaka på Lyckorna” tour

Read more about the season pass here


July 10th – Aug 8th Wednesday and Thursday 2024. Departure- and arrival times at each pier along the route

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